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Being Tommy Boronovski

Ebook Being Tommy Boronovski
titolo Being Tommy Boronovski
sottotitolo a London Suspense Thriller
argomenti Narrativa Gialli, Thriller, Noir
collana Tommy Boronovski
editore Next Chapter Press
formato Ebook - Epub , Mobi
pubblicazione 2018
ISBN 9788827552315
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€ 0,99

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When Mike Bray is grabbed off the street on his way home on an ordinary Friday night, his world is turned inside out.

Forced by the head of a South London crime gang to impersonate low-level criminal Tommy Boronovski, Mike quickly learns how to lie and side-step in order to keep his family safe.

Somehow he must find a way of protecting his family from threats of violence, and maintain his own ethics and morals as he treads a seemingly impossible path.

Soon the borders between himself and Tommy become blurred, leaving him questioning the true meaning of identity, and hostage to his own temptations.

Find out what happens in this gripping story of survival and self-discovery.

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