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Liturgy Outside Liturgy

Epub Liturgy Outside Liturgy
titolo Liturgy Outside Liturgy
sottotitolo The Liturgical Theology of Fr. Alexander Schmemann
argomenti Saggistica Religione e Spiritualità
editore Chorabooks
formato Ebook - Epub
pubblicazione 2018
ISBN 9789887851585
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€ 7,99

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"Finally one may ask: but what do you propose, what do you want? To this I will answer without much hope, I confess, of being heard and understood: we need liturgical theology, viewed not as a theology of worship and not as a reduction of theology to liturgy, but as a slow and patient bringing together of that which was for too long a time and because of many factors broken and isolated – liturgy, theology, and piety, their reintegration within one fundamental vision. In this sense liturgical theology is an illegitimate child of a broken family. It exists, or maybe I should say it ought to exist, only because theology ceased to seek in the lex orandi its source and food, because liturgy ceased to be conducive to theology."

Alexander Schmemann