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Dizionario Enciclopedico dell'Audio Hi-Fi Ebook
formato: Ebook | editore: Bruno Fazzini | anno: 2015
Anno: 2015
Quando scegliere le valvole e quando lo stato solido? Che differenza c’è fra un triodo e un pentodo? In quali casi
€ 9,99
I love BDSM. Guida per principianti ai giochi erotici di bondage, dominazione e sottomissione. Epub
di Ayzad
formato: Ebook | editore: 80144 Edizioni | anno: 2015
Anno: 2015
I love BDSM è la prima guida per avvicinarsi, con leggerezza ed equilibrio, ai giochi erotici di dominazione e sottomis
€ 6,99

Daddy’s Anal Princess: 10-Pack Bundle Volume One

Ebook Daddy’s Anal Princess: 10-Pack Bundle Volume One
titolo Daddy’s Anal Princess: 10-Pack Bundle Volume One
argomenti Narrativa Racconti brevi
collana Daddy's Anal Princess
editore I Luv SmutBux
formato Ebook - Epub , Pdf , Mobi
pubblicazione 2018
ISBN 9788829510177
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€ 12,99

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Daddy is using any and all means possible to ensure he gets all the ass he wants when he wants, and his little princess will love giving it to him.

Bribery or Blackmail? Daughter Puts Out Regardless (01)

His daughter calls it blackmail. Dad calls it bribery. Either way, she’s getting it hard and fast just the way he likes.

Date Night with Fuck Doll Daughter (02)

Everyone knows an expensive dinner means the girl is putting out after. Just because she’s his daughter doesn’t give her a pass.

Rent’s Due! Paying Cash or Ass? (03)

Now that his daughter is eighteen, she has a choice: move out or pay rent. And by rent, Dad means anal sex and lots of it.

Stuffing Daughter’s Ass Before Bed (04)

A little spiked juice before bed makes his daughter want to open wide for lots of hard-pounding backdoor loving.

Tuition Paid in Ass (05)

Her college payment is due soon. Whether or not Dad will pay depends on his daughter’s willingness to put out.

Put in a Trance and Toyed (06)

A picture that puts his daughter in a trance is all Dad needs to have as much with her as he wants.

Secret Sauce for a Family Gangbang (07)

Dad has a secret barbecue sauce recipe that will make his daughter put out and his family enjoy watching.

Pounding His Road Rage into Her Naughty Ass (08)

Being flashed and taunted from the backseat makes Dad pull the car over and teach his naughty daughter a hard-pounding lesson.

Hypnotizing Him for Daughter’s Pleasure (09)

His daughter is in control this time, and Dad will give her all the hard-pounding loving she desires with lots and lots of cream.

Playtime with Daughter Includes Sex Toys (10)

A little hypnosis is all Dad needs to convince his daughter that playtime includes sex toys and exhibitionism.

This FICTION short is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY and is intended for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY (18+). It contains father-daughter incest sex, anal sex, blackmail, bribery, hypnosis, mind control, dubious consent, exhibitionism, gangbang, masturbation, oral sex, voyeurism, car sex, public sex, outdoors sex, virgin sex, and bareback creampie.