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Liberi dalla timidezza e dalla fobia sociale Ebook
formato: Ebook | editore: Ecomind | anno: 2012
Anno: 2012
Come liberarsi dalla timidezza e dalla fobia sociale con la terapia cognitivo comportamentale di terza generazione e la mindfu
€ 6,99
Senza orto né porto Epub
formato: Ebook | editore: BEL-AMI Edizioni | anno: 2014
Anno: 2014
Lirica “blues” versatile ed eclettica, che si addentra in quel mondo troppo spesso malfamato, che si affaccia in quell’infimo
€ 1,99
Professione Musicoterapia. Il mio inizio Ebook
formato: Ebook | editore: Laura Gamba | anno: 2018
Anno: 2018
Il libro propone la tesi di diploma in Musicoterapia discussa dall’autrice nel 1994 a conclusione del Corso
€ 5,99

Team-CARE, together we win

Epub Team-CARE, together we win
titolo Team-CARE, together we win
argomenti Saggistica Economia e Finanza
editore Youcanprint
formato Ebook - Epub
pubblicazione 2017
ISBN 9788892642522
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€ 6,99

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This manual is for:
Anyone working in a team, who wants to make it work.
Anyone struggling in a team but who wants to make a contribution and give meaning to their daily work routine: particularly the leaders and the coaches, but also those working in human resources.
Anyone who believes that a team's human capital is worth much more than the sum of the individuals in it (and their 'cost') - as long as the team functions well.
How do we make the team function well? We have to care about it, and take care of it.
People are not talents per se, but every person has talents, skills they can utilise to help others. It is up to us to discover, to inspire, to give them the right role and enhance their place in the team, because together we win.
If you have a problem at work, you do not need to change the individuals in the team. You need to change the way you see, engage, manage and value them.
If you have weaknesses, you can try to work on them but sometimes it is better to leverage on others' strengths and work together.
If you are a striker, instead of being forced to play as a goalkeeper, you should play with a goalkeeper!

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€ 6,99