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New York City Guide Of Urban Feeling

Ebook New York City Guide Of Urban Feeling
titolo New York City Guide Of Urban Feeling
sottotitolo A NON Traditional NYC Guidebook - Get In! [Urban Feeling - Vol 1]
argomenti Saggistica Scienze sociali, Viaggi e guide
editore Mobile Library
formato Ebook - Epub , Pdf , Mobi
pubblicazione 2018
ISBN 9788826052601
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€ 0,99

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This is NOT a traditional NYC Guidebook. 

In a regular NYC digital guide usually you find endless details about NYC buildings, NYC event spaces, NYC galleries, famous NYC places, or even some more thematic NYC travel guide can suggest you tours like NYC nights or a NYC guide for families or even a comparison like NYC vs London or NYC vs. Chicago, etc.

That is not the purpose of this Urban Feeling NYC guidebook. 

Our objective is to give you an inside view of how the city lives and feels like. 

You may even consider this eBook as a NYC tribute, not exactly to NYC history, galleries, museums or NYC real estate, but more to the effect the city has on the ones that just take a NYC walk or adventure into NYC traffic and cannot avoid being involved buy the atmosphere of the NYC attractions.

To show what you can expect in this great city we made a special cocktail in this NYC travel guide, mixing special NYC quotes with images of NYC streets that capture the spirit of the great Apple.

We are not saying that you should not plan to use the NYC subway, buses, rail, or check the NYC events while you are there or of course visit the great Central Park NYC or NYC public library.

We are just saying that whether you plan everything in detail or not, you can be confident that a NYC vacation will be forever in you memory!

If you have already been there and you are missing something, you can use this eBook to revive that special feeling of the famous NYC.

If you have not been there yet and you feel like you are missing something... than you are missing New York City.

The NYC Urban Feeling welcomes you all - Get in!

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