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It's Time: The Tales of My Nomad Soul

Ebook It's Time: The Tales of My Nomad Soul
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titolo It's Time: The Tales of My Nomad Soul
autori ,
editore Ray Gudrups
formato Ebook - Epub , Mobi
protezione Social DRM

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pubblicazione 2018
ISBN 9789934871061
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€ 5,99

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It's Time to Reconnect to the Person You Were Born to Be... the Person You CHOSE to Be!

It's no real surprise that words such as "story" and "journey" feel so similar and even interchangeable. A person's story is simply an account of their journey through this life. The joys, sorrows, adventures and insights gained along the way give life to the story, making it as unique as the one living it.

In this "hyper-connected" age, we can often feel disconnected from ourselves and why we're here. We blindly follow paths laid out by others, feeling increasingly unfulfilled as time goes on. Our stories feel as if they don't belong to us, like we're living another person's life. We get caught up in trying to find some purpose for our lives, some reason for existing. As a result we desperately search for it outside of ourselves, as if it were a treasure to be unearthed, or a secret to be revealed.

Every one of us at some point asks questions such as, "Is this all that I am? Is there nothing more?" We ask it of our mothers, our fathers, our gods... but what if the answer is within us, waiting to be rediscovered? What if the only thing standing between you and your true, fulfilling path in life, is a choice?

That's the goal of this book: to help you understand and remember the choice you made but have forgotten. It's Time: Tales of My Nomad Soul is far more than a travelogue, or the story of one man's spiritual renewal among sacred stones found deep in the jungle. It's a tale of discovery, of reconnecting and reawakening to the subtle energies that mould and shape us all. It's an allegory to help you remember who you really are, and the reasons you chose to be right here, right now.

Author Ray Gudrups' journey along the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route in Spain acts as the perfect metaphor for the journey each of must follow to find our true path in life. The insights gained throughout his travels will inspire your own inner pilgrimage. It will help you remember a time when you were full of joy, when your eyes sparkled with wonder and your spirit rejoiced in the infinite possibilities. Those feelings still exist deep within your soul. You've simply forgotten how to access them.

There's no need to wait for someone to push you from the edge of a cliff. You only need to catch the wind and spread your wings wide.

You were born entirely unique. In the entire history of the universe, there has never been another being exactly like you, and there never will be again. It's time to reconnect to that fundamental truth, and to be the person you chose to be so long ago. The answers you're looking for lie within. Check out It's Time: Tales of My Nomad Soul today!

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