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Travel stories

Ebook Travel stories
Social DRM
titolo Travel stories
argomenti Saggistica Viaggi e guide
editore UCCIO
formato Ebook - Epub , Pdf
protezione Social DRM

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pubblicazione 2018
ISBN 9788828377948
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€ 3,99

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I remember over the years your goal of writing a book about all of your experiences in traveling and finally you're doing it!! I'm excited about this for you because you have had the fortunate opportunities to travel and you have made a commitment to seeing and experiencing this beautiful and confusing world we live in. You have a great mind and spirit which allows you to write your experiences in a way that will captivate and engage your readers. We will also understand more about how you've viewed and taken in of what you've seen over the years... the sad, confusing, irritating and humoring things you've experienced....I/we wanna know this! :-))