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Proteggimi Epub
formato: Ebook | editore: HarperCollins Italia | anno: 2016 | pagine: 336
Anno: 2016
Slow Burn Series 1Quando la sorella di Caleb, rampollo della potente e ricca dinastia dei Devereaux viene rap
€ 6,99
La riclassificazione del bilancio - Quaderno Epub
formato: Ebook | editore: Youcanprint | anno: 2016
Anno: 2016
La fase di riclassificazione non consiste in una mera riesposizione dei dati di bilancio da svolgersi secondo procedure standa
€ 1,99
Teatro Pdf
formato: Ebook | editore: Bompiani | anno: 2013 | pagine: 3134
Anno: 2013
L’opera di Molière - oltre a riempire da tre secoli non solo teatri e biblioteche - è anche riuscita a imporre alcuni personag
€ 2,99
La strana coda della serie n^n^...^n Pdf
formato: Ebook | editore: Marco Ripà | anno: 2013
Anno: 2013
Un viaggio guidato tra i grandi numeri che permette alla mente di esprimere un potenziale spesso sopito
€ 0,99

Billionaire's Reluctant Hotwife

Ebook Billionaire's Reluctant Hotwife
titolo Billionaire's Reluctant Hotwife
sottotitolo Book 1 of 'Billionaire's Ravished Hotwife'
argomenti Narrativa
collana Billionaire's Ravished Hotwife
editore Boruma Publishing
formato Ebook - Epub , Pdf , Mobi
pubblicazione 2018
ISBN 9780463717295
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€ 3,49

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When Tania's first husband tried to coerce her into being a hotwife, she wanted nothing to do with the lifestyle. But over time, the idea of being roughly taken by sexy well-hung black men began to intrigue her. When she mentioned it to her new husband, he was enthralled. Now Tania's about to get more than she bargained for when her devious ex-husband promises her to a vicious outlaw gang!

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

Tania was wearing an off-the-shoulder dress. The top of her breasts and her deep cleavage were visible. My wife looked at William's back before pulling her dress up and flashing me

William noticed my attention was no longer on him, and as she entered the room, he looked at my wife as if she belonged to him alone. As she walked, her eyes never left his. Tania seemed to be glowing from the inside as William checked out every inch of her, not once seeming to be impressed.

"Well, how do I look?" she asked him.

Without looking at me, he answered, "You'll look better when we get that dress off you."

My wife laughed just a little too loud, "You think you're going to get me naked, do ya?"

"No," he said. "I think you're going to get naked before the night is over."

His overwhelming sense of entitlement was amazing to me. He was talking to my wife, right in front of me, telling her she'd be stripping for him before the night was over. I almost choked on my drink, the gall of the man. As I started to speak, Tania cut me off.

"We'll see, maybe if you're really as good as you think you are."

"Bye, honey. We'll see you later," Tania said before kissing me on the cheek and whispering, "You'd better make up a guest room just in case. Remember, no playing with yourself."

Words failed me. I tried to at least say goodbye,' but my mouth was too dry. I watched in dumb silence as my wife left the house on the arm of another man. Not just any man, a man I didn't like and with whom she intended to sleep.

We'd been playing around with the idea of Tania allowing herself to be enjoyed by another man, but now that it was actually about to happen, I was struggling with the reality. The last time Tania and William had gone out together, I had been confident my wife wouldn't fool around with him that night. Now, I knew she intended to do just that.

I did all the things husbands do, I suppose. I wandered the house and made up the room next to ours. I even unlocked the connecting door so I could peek in if I wanted to. The view would be good, I'd be able to see our bed from the bottom, looking toward the headboard.

I made myself something to eat, then couldn't get it down. I had a drink or three, maybe four, but my mouth was still too dry to eat. Television and books held no interestall I could think about was my wife in William's arms.

The man was insufferable. What if I changed my mind? What if I sent a text to Tania and told her I didn't want her to do it?

I even prepared the text, but I couldn't press send.' I put my phone down and looked at the text I'd written for a long time. I reread it and corrected the wording. I had it just right. I was calling off the whole deal. I wanted her to come home, alone, to me.

Then I deleted the text and poured myself another drink before laying down on the bed in the guest room I'd prepared.

When I woke, the room was dark, and I could hear faint noises from next door. I couldn't make out any words, just a giggly female and a low-pitched male.

"William!" It was Tania. She wasn't giggling now, she sounded breathless.

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