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The City Mystic

Ebook The City Mystic
Social DRM
titolo The City Mystic
sottotitolo Life is an inner birth
autori ,
argomenti Saggistica > Religione e Spiritualità
editore I Libri del casato
formato Ebook - Epub , Pdf , Mobi
protezione Social DRM

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pubblicazione 2015
ISBN 9788898905140
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In this brief chronicle, Larago, as a true city mystic, encounters ordinary persons, each with their own life experience that hinders their spiritual growth.

As a true sage, but with a wisdom not his own, Larago talks with many people, offering them a view of life very different from what most people see. Larago then “reads” the events and feelings of life through the philosophy of reincarnation, which entails a succession of lives in which each life is the daughter of the ones before it and the parent of the ones after it.

For the city mystic, then, life is never chance or chaos, but a perfect mechanism, governed by a law that explains everything.

Well-known in Italy, Vitaliano Bilotta has been a teacher, journalist, and a union representative within Education. He has studied the philosophy of reincarnation for more than forty years and makes it known to others by applying it to everyday life.

He became keenly interested in the hypothesis of reincarnation by associating with great mediums who handed down important teachings that comprehend Reality in all its aspects. He has published more than twenty books, also in e-book format, with various publishing houses but this is the first time one of his books has been translated into English.

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